Eco Friendly

We feel strongly about the environment and the current eco issues that are becoming more and more alarming. We fully endorse and promote all methods of making the environment a safer and cleaner place.

We pride ourselves on the design of innovative eco solutions to meet financial, strategic, operational and tactical requirements. We will help advise you and further more implement concepts to push boundaries, drive decisions and provide you with clearly defined eco friendly solutions to ensure successful results

All the equipment we remove from homes and offices is sent to a local recycling company to lower the companies carbon footprint.

Choose a fully qualified plumber, ask for details and references.

Modernise your home, by refurbishing your property you will soon find modern techniques improve comfort, save money and reduce carbon emissions.

Upgrade your heating system. Ask Elmbridge for the latest eco friendly models, that suits your budget.

We at Elmbridge are fully committed to the new eco friendly policies and ensure all our staff are fully aware of the current climate changes and we are ready to answer any eco questions questions upon may have.

Turn your thermostat down. By making a small reduction of 1%, your heating bill will be reduced on a yearly basis by up to 10%.

Fill up your washing machine. It is advised not to half fill machines as you use less energy with one load, than you do with two half loads.

Fix leaking taps. It may seem like a small drip, but over time so much water is wasted.


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